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Does you business need to keep your clients separated during this time, then our self standing partitions are the perfect items for your business. Our partitions are 2m/2.4m High x 1m/1.2m wide. Using multiple partions we can create cubicles/rooms so that you can keep your customers the required distance away from other patrons according to the self distancing rules in place during these time.

They partitions can be easily moved to create different sized areas to accommodate your requirements or they can be stacked in a corner when not required.

For schools, the partitions can be placed in between desks to provide a temporary shield during these times of COVID. The partitions can also be used to turn sports halls/auditoriums into multiple classrooms so that social distancing rules are followed.

If interested in hiring the partitions please do not hesitate in contacting I.D. Hire on 0418152170.